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Why Teak is a Great Choice for Your Deck

If you’re considering getting a new deck or completely overhauling your old one, you definitely have plenty of choices. There are many varieties of wood and composites that will fit the bill, and many will look good while standing the test of time.

But few if any will be as unique a combination. The color itself is gorgeous, and teak also ages well, turning a soft, silvery gray color as it matures.

The benefits of teak go far beyond appearance, however. There are practical benefits as well—teak is designed to last for a lifetime, and it’s one of the most weather-resistant woods available and it’s considered impervious to all kinds of harsh weather as well as sunlight and temperature changes.

Moreover, teak is water repellent. Water will typically bead up on teak, which means it won’t rot over time. You may have to re-stain or resurface it every few years, but it will continue to give you a great look over the life of your deck.

Teak also resists termites and other insects, and it’s easy to maintain, too. That’s because there’s an oil component in teak that’s referred to as the silica, and that natural shine is part of what gives the combination of its great look. Most teak comes from the highlands of southeast Asia, where it’s raised and harvested from deciduous forest. It’s also used for construction and marine decks, and teak has a reputation as the premium lumber when it comes to outdoor furniture, too.

Teak does require periodic cleaning, though. Once the color has begun to fade and weather, it should be scrubbed down in the spring using either soapy water or a specialized teak cleaner. You can also use a pressure hose to clean your teak deck, but you need to take care and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

These usually include a pressure gauge setting if you’re using a power hose or multi-nozzle jet, and it may include spraying from a distance as well.

You should also try to stay on top of any grease accumulation in your teak deck. Once again, there are specific degreasing agents designed to clean grease spots, and you can also use a soft scrubbing brush for these, then rinse your deck off with clean water.

There are many excellent sources when it comes to purchasing your teak deck. These include larger outlets like Home Depot and Lowe’s, but you can also get a more elegant or specialized from Teak and Deck. As long as you get a quality product you’ll be making a great choice, and your teak deck should give you years and years of pleasure and enjoyment.

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