Stem Cell Therapy Used For Reducing Inflammation and Pain


Often people, especially older persons are suffering from degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s, COPD. There are also other illnesses like cancer which are treated using chemotherapy during which cells are diseased or damaged. Knee or joint pain is due to inflammation, and people are are also suffering from auto immune, neurological, orthopedic conditions or traumatic injuries which are very painful, adversely affecting the quality of their life. While individuals suffering from these ailments will try conventional medicines and therapy to treat their illness, often the treatment does not have the desired result. Hence increasingly individuals are interested in trying regenerative medicinal treatments like stem cell therapy to improve the quality of their life.

The human body consists of different types of cells like the blood cells, nerve cells, muscle cells, bone marrow, tendon/cartilage cells which have different functions. Stem cells are cells which can become any of the specific type of cells which are desired. Hence during therapy using stem cells, these cells are injected into the body of the patient is suffering from pain due to inflammation or ijuries. If the therapy is carried out properly, the cells will multiply to replace the diseased and damaged cells in the body of the patient, to reduce pain, inflammation and help the patient lead a normal life.

The stem cells used for treatment can be derived from various sources. Often the stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue or blood is used since it is very effective for therapy, though it is necessary to find a donor. The stem cells can also be derived from the fat/adipose and bone marrow. Stem cells are also found in embryos which are between three to six days old. The quality and effectiveness of the stem cells will vary depending on the source .So the stem cells derived from a person who is in his twenties will be far less effective than the fresh stem cells derived from the umbilical cord.

The stem cells can be introduced into the body using different methods like intravenously, injecting into the spine or the area where the patient is suffering from pain like the knees, joints or hands. It is advisable to use umbilical cord cells for stem-cell therapy to the extent possible since it is most effective in treating inflammation, generating new cells required for repair and replacement. Usually the treatment is completed in a few hours, though the patient has to be monitored for at least a few weeks.


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