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Tips To Help You Find The Best Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

If you are sure you want to have facial cosmetic surgery to fix the signs of aging or defects you’ve lived with for a long time, you need to choose wisely when it comes to finding the right surgeon. If you make the wrong decision, you could be living with the consequences for many years, if not for the rest of your life. While an expertly executed procedure can make you look and feel great, poorly performed cosmetic surgery can leave you in debt and looking worse than you did before you went under the knife.

There are many great plastic surgeons out there and to ensure you pick a reputa

ble one, we’ve put together several great tips to follow in your search.

Only Work With Board-Certified Surgeons

Many are under the false belief that if a surgeon is approved by a state medical board, to ensure the surgeon they want to use is fully qualified to perform the plastic surgery procedure they are interested in. However, this is simply not the case, as it is not a requirement by the government for surgeons to trained specifically in the treatments and procedures they offer.

How can you tell you are in good hands then? Only work with surgeons like Tal Dagan MD, who have been approved by the ABCS or American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Make Sure The Surgeon is Experienced in Procedures You Are Interested In

There are unique skills required for different areas of cosmetic surgery, so you should not just assume because they are a qualified surgeon, they are experienced in the procedure you are interested in. You need to take care to ensure that the surgeon you go to is not just board-certified but specifically experienced in the subspecialty of cosmetic surgery you’re wanting.

Some good questions to ask the surgeon include:

  • What training have you received for this procedure?
  • How long have you been professionally performing this procedure?
  • How many times have you successfully completed this procedure?

Note How The Surgeon and Their Staff Make You Feel

When you are checking out different practices and surgeons, it is important to take note of how the cosmetic surgeon and their team members make you feel. Going under the knife is no small feat, Afterall, and you will want to make sure you feel 100% comfortable with the people who will be making your dreams a reality. You should only settle on a surgeon that you feel safe in their care and trust them to get you the results you are looking for. Dr. Tal Dagan MD has a sterling reputation when it comes to putting his patients at ease.…

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The Best 5 Slow Cooker Meals You Should Try

Slowcooker meals are an awesome way to turn cheap meats that normally you would not feed your family into meals from heaven. Easy to throw together recipes that cook while you are being lazy.

Chucky Gets Slow Roasted

Next time you are cruising the meat counter for a sexy cut of meat, don’t forget Chucky beef roast. You may think he is street-tough, but Chucky becomes a softy when he spends a few hours in the slow cooker. Add some veggies like onion, carrots, celery, and potatoes to give ole Chucky some taste and class. You too can make a prince from a pauper.

Sweet Little Lamby Pie

Sweet little lamb stew becomes a heavenly dish when you slow cook. When the stew is almost done, add some canned biscuits to the top that gives the stew some clouds. Now you can serve your little angels a pie a deliciously devilish dish that will make them think you slaved all day. Nothing like coming home to crockpot lamb stew on those hellish busy days.

Pulled Porky Pig

Okay, so the night before you dreamed of a pig turning slowly over an open fire and when you woke up, the taste of pulled pork was in your mouth. As you look outside, it is raining and chilly. What to do, what to do? In a flash of inspiration, the crockpot comes to mind. The problem is solved. A good ole Porky butt will become the best-pulled barbeque in just a few hours. Just remember Porky like a good rub down with spices before he gets heated up.

Why Does The Chicken Cross The Road?

Because it will get crocked on the other side. Think drunk chicken slow-roasted in a crockpot cooking in your favorite wine. At dinner time, add a few veggies to the plate plus a glass of white wine and top it off with candlelight. Romance on a budget that is easy to create. Don’t you just love it! Your partner will think you slaved through the day all the while knowing you have plenty of energy for the romance coming later.

Ham It Up

Slow cooking ham is such a tease. First, you get to smell it cooking all day. Can you feel your mouth salivating? Then you begin to think about what you can add to it to season. Let’s go tropical with pineapple and brown sugar or how about country style adding white beans to cook with the ham. You might want to make some cornbread if going country. Now it is time to go play while you cook away.

Slow cooking is the perfect way to use cheap cuts of meat, have dinner ready after …