The Best 5 Slow Cooker Meals You Should Try


Slowcooker meals are an awesome way to turn cheap meats that normally you would not feed your family into meals from heaven. Easy to throw together recipes that cook while you are being lazy.

Chucky Gets Slow Roasted

Next time you are cruising the meat counter for a sexy cut of meat, don’t forget Chucky beef roast. You may think he is street-tough, but Chucky becomes a softy when he spends a few hours in the slow cooker. Add some veggies like onion, carrots, celery, and potatoes to give ole Chucky some taste and class. You too can make a prince from a pauper.

Sweet Little Lamby Pie

Sweet little lamb stew becomes a heavenly dish when you slow cook. When the stew is almost done, add some canned biscuits to the top that gives the stew some clouds. Now you can serve your little angels a pie a deliciously devilish dish that will make them think you slaved all day. Nothing like coming home to crockpot lamb stew on those hellish busy days.

Pulled Porky Pig

Okay, so the night before you dreamed of a pig turning slowly over an open fire and when you woke up, the taste of pulled pork was in your mouth. As you look outside, it is raining and chilly. What to do, what to do? In a flash of inspiration, the crockpot comes to mind. The problem is solved. A good ole Porky butt will become the best-pulled barbeque in just a few hours. Just remember Porky like a good rub down with spices before he gets heated up.

Why Does The Chicken Cross The Road?

Because it will get crocked on the other side. Think drunk chicken slow-roasted in a crockpot cooking in your favorite wine. At dinner time, add a few veggies to the plate plus a glass of white wine and top it off with candlelight. Romance on a budget that is easy to create. Don’t you just love it! Your partner will think you slaved through the day all the while knowing you have plenty of energy for the romance coming later.

Ham It Up

Slow cooking ham is such a tease. First, you get to smell it cooking all day. Can you feel your mouth salivating? Then you begin to think about what you can add to it to season. Let’s go tropical with pineapple and brown sugar or how about country style adding white beans to cook with the ham. You might want to make some cornbread if going country. Now it is time to go play while you cook away.

Slow cooking is the perfect way to use cheap cuts of meat, have dinner ready after a hectic day, or just want to be lazy. It doesn’t heat the kitchen, you get to smell it as it cooks, not a lot of pots and pans to clean, and you don’t have to stand over it as it cooks. Perfect!


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