Day: August 23, 2018

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Which Vitamin Is Responsible For Giving Carrots Their Nutrients That Helps The Eyes?

It’s a humble, orange root vegetable that tastes great raw, cooked or even juiced. Indeed, the carrot is often thought of as one of the most perfect foods. When you learn more about Daucus carota, you will be even more motivated to incorporate it into a balanced diet.


Whether you are munching on a carrot stick bunny-style, satisfying your sweet tooth with honey glazed carrots or making a busy night nourishing with quick-to-prepare pressure cooker carrots, these veggies have what it takes nutritionally. They contain beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. As it turns out, you are actually doing your body a favor when you eat them.


Are carrots a good snack for losing weight? Carrots can definitely be your friend. They allow you to satisfy your craving to crunch while simultaneously offering the nutrition your body needs. Carrots have also been linked to lowering cholesterol, improving eye health and even assisting in the prevention of cancer. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in carrots, making them a regular part of your diet can enhance your body’s ability to function in the following ways:

  • Vitamin A from beta-carotene promotes a stronger immune system, aids in growth and development and helps vision.
  • Biotin from vitamin B helps you to metabolize foods better.
  • Vitamin K helps with bone health and blood coagulation.
  • The essential mineral potassium helps to regulate blood pressure.
  • The vitamin B6 in carrots is involved in converting food into energy.

Carrots are delicious, fun to eat and nourishing.


They’re also versatile, and that means that you can prepare them to meet just about anyone’s tastes. Honey glazed carrots can add just the right amount of delicious decadence to a holiday dinner. You can have carrots in anyway you can make rosemary roasted carrots or try fast and easy-to-prepare pressure cooker carrots in just about any recipe you can imagine. Carrots can make anything from a fast snack to a big family meal just a little more delicious.

The best news of all about carrots is that you don’t need to look hard to find them. They’re available in virtually every supermarket and most convenience stores, and they are affordable, too. Isn’t it time to increase the amount of carrots you incorporate into your and your family’s healthy diet?