Day: December 13, 2019

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Consulting With Your Surgeon About A Facial Surgery Skin Grafting Procedure

It’s important to understand that facial surgery is performed in more than one way. Depending on the results a patient hopes to see, or if it is revisionary work because they weren’t happy with the initial procedure, the work might take on different forms. When you’re considering facial surgery, is one surgeon you might choose to speak with about how the process works.

How facial surgery is performed

There’s more than one way in which and his team, or other surgeons in Beverly Hills, will perform facial surgery.

Skin Grafts

A skin graft is where healthy skin is removed from one area of the body, to cover unhealthy skin on the face or neck. This procedure is used to cover bones, injuries, large wounds, or an area where the skin was damaged by a previous surgical procedure.

Partial Skin Grafts

With this procedure from, a thin layer of skin is shaved from an area where skin heals well (quickly), including areas like the buttocks or thigh. The donor area, face or neck, will be covered with the shaved skin to help achieve a natural, balanced appearance. It usually takes two to three weeks for the donor area to fully heal and for results to be visible.

Full Thickness Skin Graft

With this procedure, full areas of the skin (the top layer) are removed, and the area is immediately closed/sutured. The skin graft is applied to injured areas of the face or neck, to help improve the aesthetic appearance of injuries or scarring. Where the donor skin was removed, surgeons will typically leave a dressing/bandage for up to 7 days. This will allow the new blood supply to be picked up easily in the area, for the healing process to occur naturally.

Why patients have skin graft procedures

This procedure is ideal for those who have holes, injuries, or major scarring on the face or neck, that need to be covered. Of course, the procedure has to be done by a licensed surgeon, and one with experience in the work that the patient would like to have completed. Understanding the procedure and recovery process is imperative for patients who want to undergo these procedures.

Before undergoing any facial skin grafting procedure, make sure you meet with multiple surgeons. Doing so will allow you to select the most qualified and will ensure you see the best results that you want to see, shortly after the procedure is performed.…