Different Ways To Make Cheese Cake That Will Make The Family Want More


Even the most cursory of online searches will show you that preparing cheesecakes is definitely an art. Each author seems to have their own unique take on the best way to arrive at the optimal creamy and dense consistency surrounded by the perfect crust. The upsurge of popularity of the modern pressure cooker has added a whole new category to the genre.

Dessert purists might raise their eyebrows at the idea of failing to use a conventional oven for making this particular sweet treat. How, they might reasonably ask, could you obtain the right consistency in the steamy environment of the pressure cooker? The bottom line is that there are specific tips that you should follow if you plan to make your pressure cooker pumpkin pie cheesecake or any other variety, for that matter.

Using high-quality ingredients that are at room temperature is important. In addition, many pressure cooker cheesecake chefs recommend that you bake your crust at 325°F for 15 minutes. Lining your cooker’s bottom and sides with parchment paper can make clean-up a lot easier. When the time comes to combine ingredients, be sure to add eggs in one at a time, and avoid over-mixing, which can lead to an overly thin consistency and can even cause your cheesecake to crack.

After the cooking process is completed, don’t rush to release the pressure. Instead, let it do so naturally to avoid your cake turning into scrambled eggs. When removing the cooker’s lid, condensation might drip onto the top of your cake. Don’t panic; simply blot it off.

Making cheese cake is a process of trial and error. Experimenting is the best way to arrive at the perfect sweet, creamy and yummy delicacy. If the first few don’t exactly turn out perfect, just keep track of the steps you followed so that you don’t repeat your mistakes. Most important, enjoy yourself. The worst thing that can happen is that you and your family end up with a not-so-attractive but tasty failed dessert.


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