What Is The Best Headset For A New Personal Computer?


It has long been known that microorganisms, like fungus, build up in dark moist places almost anywhere at anytime. Most headsets don’t take in account this fact and can have an average of up to 10 times more buildup than the ear itself. Other headsets do their best to minimize the type of substance that thrives in these environments and put out a quality product with the right materials to reduce those scenarios.

The plantronics CS540 is the latest inclusion in the family of quality wireless headsets. The most interesting thing about this headset is the ear hook headset which it offers. Along with this, the appearance of this wireless headset is extremely good. It has a sleek and streamlined body which gives you outstanding performance. There is no doubt; it is one of the finest headsets available in the market which really lives up to your expectations. It even sets the standard really high. No wonder this is one of the best options available.

This product allows you a pretty good communication up to a range of 3 feet. It has even been specially designed to allow it to connect to the desk phone. The stylish look, latest design and the super lightweight body makes this a must- have product. Apart from this, it features a one touch controls which allow users to mute volume, end and receive calls. It even allows you to make a conference with three different headsets, thereby making extremely easy collaboration. Well, Plantronics CS540 even features a DECT 6 technology which allows you to enjoy hands free communication for about 350 feet from its base. Isn’t it amazing?

The wireless headset comes with a wideband audio which provides you clear and smooth conversation every time. The device comes with a noise cancellation microphone which is in-built. This has the capability to filter any noise which might disturb your experience. The Digital Signal Processing of the device makes sound absolutely natural and clear. The look of this device has been done keeping in mind the need of today’s buyers and so it has a stylish and sleek look. This device gives you the freedom of wearing it the way you want to. You can either choose to wear it over the head or behind the ears; it is entirely your call. Apart from this, you can also wear it using a neckband behind your head.

You also get a slim charging base with this product, which is really nice. This helps save battery. These amazing features make Plantronics CS540 one of the most popular wireless headsets. Along with these features, the device also uses Sound Guard Technology. This protects the device against all audio spikes. Now, if you want to enjoy a hassle free communication, this device is the best option. It allows you up to 7 hours of talktime with single charge. There is no doubt that the device is here to rule the market with such amazing list of features.


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